Visit the Majestic Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral in Roxas City Capiz, Philippines

Roxas City is a medium-sized city in the province of Capiz. It is considered as Panay Island's center of education, trade, economic activity, and logistics. However, Roxas isn't just any kind of city. Here you will find treasures that you can definitely add to your travel book. Historic architecture, picturesque views, good food--you will find all these in Roxas City!

One stop you should make is the colonial-looking Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral. Built in 1707, the cathedral has gone through three renovations during its lifetime after various natural disasters destroyed parts of the building. Still, it stands majestic as it overlooks the slowly changing city of Roxas.

While the facade of the cathedral will remind you of colonial times, the interior is quite modern. Painted in white with yellow lighting, the church looks rather simple. Unlike many Catholic churches in the country, the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral does not have a lot of religious icons and decorations inside aside from its equally simple main altar and the statues of saints that stand by each window.

See the beautiful Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral yourself. Book your next holiday in Roxas City Capiz, Philippines!

By Kimberley Reyes on 10/02/2015 in Roxas City

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