Uncover the History Behind Martinique

The Tainos of Hispaniola were a mythical people. A folklore doing rounds among the people during the Pre-Columbian era went like this;

There was a mythical island called Jouanacaëra-Matinino. It was the home of giant iguanas and enchantingly beautiful flowers. The Tainos and Caribs considered the island holy and would sometime send elders to do prayers there.

Fast forward to 1493 and Christopher Columbus happened upon the island. He would land on the island in 1502 and use the same name as locals, only with different spellings - Martinica. Influence from the neighboring country, La Dominique, eventually led to the name Martinique.

The 'island of flowers' is heavily endowed with beautiful beaches and tropical forests. If you love nature and the sun, there is nowhere else on earth you would rather be.

By Kennedy Runo on 12/30/2014 in Martinique

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