Uncover the History Behind Bahamas

700 islands, cays and islets later, you will realize that there is no other place you should be than in the heart of the Atlantic ocean, in a country known as Bahamas.

Before Christopher Columbus ever landed here, the Lucayan Tribe, an Arawak speaking people who had branched from the Taino lived here. In 1492, the islands became the first land that the great explorer (Christopher Columbus) would ever find in the New World.

The word 'Bahamas' comes from the Spanish Baja Mar. It is translated to mean 'shallow water' or 'low tide'. The locals called their country Guanahani, a word whose meaning is unclear to date.

One interesting bit about Bahamas is that it is one of the two countries that officially use the article 'the' before their names. The other being The Gambia.

How would you love skinny diving and sunbathing in the nude on one of the unoccupied island or islet? Methinks that if you have a naughty side, you can't resist the allure. Welcome!

By Kennedy Runo on 01/06/2015 in The Bahamas

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