McWay Falls in California is not just a Camping Site. You gotta go here!

An 80-ft waterfall, which flows all throughout the year, Mcway Falls is a sight to behold, and the best way to enjoy its magnificence is by camping with your friends and family. Enjoy the view of the fall cascading to the Pacific Ocean when the tide sets in.  

Located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, California, Mcway Falls is the highlight of the park. The park is named after Julia Pfeiffer Burns, a noted rancher and resident of the Big Sur region during the early 20th century. Sunset magazine named the park as one of the "four best places to pitch a tent on the Pacific Coast". It has two hike-in camping areas that are environment friendly where endemic plants and trees surround you, making you as close to nature as you can get.

The best time to view the falls and the ocean is during sunsets, and camping will give you that opportunity. Aside from the amazing views, you can also enjoy whale watching during the months of December and January. Although special permits are needed, you can scuba dive in its underwater park. Take a hike in its numerous trails including the Overlook Trail where the view is superb! The campsites are equipped with toilets, picnic tables, and fire rings where you can roast some mallows and have some hot chocolate while enjoying the company of your family or friends.

McWay Falls is a great place to unwind. Its amazing view is worth the trip, plus you get to relax, watch the sunset, and gaze at the millions of stars that dot the night sky.  

By Sunshine Silva on 08/18/2015 in California

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