Have a Blast in Haines, Alaska

The “Adventure Capital of Alaska”, the town of Haines is where you can enjoy a number of adventures in a natural setting. You can visit Haines  at any time of the year, and there will always be an outdoor adventure that you can enjoy. 

A census-designated place located in Haines Borough, Haines is not your typical tourist town. It has retained its old world charm even if it welcomes thousands of outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, and other types of travelers annually. It is inhabited by a few thousand people and covers a total area of 21.5 square miles. Once a bastion of well-to-do Chilkat Tlingit Indians, Haines was a logging town but has reinvented itself into a paradise for outdoor adventurers.  It main streets are dotted with owner-operated shops and restaurants, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy nature without the usual trappings of commercialism. Only 40 miles from the US/Canadian border, Haines is accessible by road, air, and water.  Haines Airport located just 3 miles from the center of the town is where you can fly into. It is served by Wings of Alaska, which links the town to Juneau and Skagway.

Haines top attractions include the Hammer Museum, Port Chilkoot Distillery, Kroschel Films Wildlife Center, Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, Alaska Indian Arts in Haines, Fort Seward, and the Haines Borough Public Library. Because this is the “Adventure Capital of Alaska”, you are lured to Haines by its outdoor adventure activities including kayaking, canoeing, river rafting and tubing, hiking and trekking, scenic flights, boating and cruises, biking, and river adventures. The best time to visit Haines is during the month of November, in time for the week-long annual Alaska Bald Eagle Festival.

Consult your travel agent for more details, and have a blast in Haines, Alaska. 

By Sunshine Silva on 10/30/2015 in Haines

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