Goliath Roller Coaster, Six Flags Great America, Chicago

The Six Flags Great America is a park that boasts several merriment facilities such as roller coasters. Goliath is their new record breaking wooden coaster. It is said to be the tallest, steepest and fastest wooden coaster in the world.

As a rider on the Goliath Roller Coaster, you will plunge about 180 feet on very steep twists and turns at the speed of 72 miles per hour. Trust me; the wind beating your face and the lightning speeds will give you your best high yet. The high is better than sex...

Some of the Goliath's major features include;

  • A 180-degree zero G-roll twist
  • Two wild inversions
  • winding inverted drop and
  • Spiraling inverted zero G stall

Other new rides by Six Flags Great America include; Typhoon Twister, SkyScreamer, igNiGHT, Blackhole of Doom among others.

Make sure you have at least one meal in the park. It will be worth it.

If you are looking for a fun thing to do during your vacation, then a visit to the Goliath Roller Coaster is the best suggestion you will get. 

By Kennedy Runo on 12/02/2014 in Chicago

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