See How the Other Hemisphere Lives


SEE HOW THE OTHER HEMISPHERE LIVES. As if South America weren’t sunny enough, the beautiful Norwegian Sun has recently added four distinct itineraries taking you to and from this fascinating continent. Follow in the wake of James Cook, Francis Drake, Ferdinand Magellan and other early voyagers when exploring South America the way it should be explored, by ship. After all, some of the continent’s most enchanting sights are best seen from the sea.  Sailing November 2015 through March 2016   

Norwegian Sun   

14-Day South America from Buenos Aires on Norwegian Sun  

14-Day South America from Santiago (Valparaiso) on Norwegian Sun

Cruise through magical islands of snow-capped mountains and azure coastlines along the Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago with landscapes unseen anywhere else in the world. Norwegian Sun has just opened bookings for exciting, new sailings to South America in 2015-2016 from two departure ports: Valparaiso, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Spend two luxurious weeks on an odyssey of ports across Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and the Chilean fjords.   Ports of call include Puerto Montt, where you can visit Alerce Andino National Park in the Los Lagos region of Chile. Almost 10,000 acres, this magnificent national park is home to canopies of the elegant Fitzroya cypress trees, as well as about 50 lakes and natural ponds. Keep your eyes peeled for the adorable South American deer that make this forest their home, as well as the even more adorable monitos del monte, tiny little bush monkeys only found in Chile and Argentina.   South America is a continent teeming with history and natural splendor. Its treasures are many, so it’s the perfect vacation for the whole gang. Everyone – the explorer, the naturalist, the romantic, the foodie – can experience a journey filled with volcanoes, wildlife, art history and, of course, exquisite cuisine.  You never know what you might discover in this truly fascinating area of the world. Browse our new itineraries, and gather up some friends and family. Because once you see what there is to explore, you’ll be saying ¡vamos!                     

So go ahead and immerse yourself in the flavors, the sights, the history, the architecture. Because every mythical place in South America is ready for you to Cruise Like a Norwegian®.

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