From Diving to Jungle - Belize Has It All!

In the month of March, April, May and June, Whale Sharks are observed at the Gladden Split by divers and snorkelers.

This species, despite its enormous size, does not pose any significant danger to humans. It is a frequently cited example when educating the public about the popular misconceptions of all sharks as " man-eaters". They are actually quite gentle and can be playful with divers. Divers and snorkelers can swim with this giant fish without any risk apart from unintentionally being hit by the shark's large tail fin.

Anita Get Away can make your dream of visiting Belize come true.  From snorkeling and deep sea diving in one of the best areas in the world, to renting a yacht, and visiting the jungle, we can arrange it all.  We personally know many owners and managers living there, have been there several times so can customize your time there with locals.

This is a wonderful resort in Placencia that we just love to stay in when we are there.