Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas

Located at Langosta Beach, Tamarindo, Costa Rica; the Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas are arguably the top destination for the discerning tourists visiting Guanacaste. Apart from great tropical weather and spectacular beach, the hotel also boasts a state of the art spa, luxury accommodations, and friendly staff. It is truly a tourists' paradise.

You have the option of choosing Cala Luna Deluxe Rooms or the Luxury Villas. Whatever your choice, you can expect to wake up every morning to the melodic hummingbird's songs, the monkey chatter and beautiful sun rays sweeping through your room. All the accommodation units at the hotel will feature the following minimum amenities; 

Patio Terrace Air conditioning 


Flat screen TV with satellite service


Fully equipped bathroom with a hairdryer

Private safe


Your luxury lifestyle at the hotel doesn’t stop there. You will be able to enjoy all manner of local and international culinary delights at the Cala Moresca Restaurant and La Caletta Lounge. Expect delicacies such as Chilean salmon, cashew nuts, vegetables, fruits, seafood and local and imported select wines. 

The hotel is a popular wedding venue. You can say your vows on the beach as the sunset rays make your wedding photographs and video seem surreal. Your wedding will be completely personalized and will be the talk of the town for days to come. 

Popular holiday activities at the hotel include; fishing, boat rides, surfing, sunset cruises, canopy zip lining, snorkeling, dolphin watching, rainforest safaris, visiting the Palo Verde and many more.

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