Traveling with a Group to the Juno Beach Centre

Hopefully, you've already decided that it's time to book a trip to Canada's Juno Beach Centre in Normandy, France.

Now you have to decide how you're going to visit. We can help with that. You can travel independently, or visit the Centre as part of a guided tour from London or Paris, or even as part of a stunning Seine River cruise from Paris.

But have you considered traveling with a group of your own? Perhaps an extended family group to retrace the footsteps of an ancestor who fought on Juno Beach. Perhaps with a group of friends who often travel together, or members of a social or interest group you belong to.

Traveling with a group has its own special rewards, including extra savings and benefits when you put together in some cases as few as 8 people. In addition, you'll be able to create your own schedule, book private tours, meaningful side trips and excursions, and travel with a group of people you'll be able to share your experiences with before, during, and after your journey to the Juno Beach Centre.

Juno Beach visitors and staff share their thoughts about traveling with a group to the Juno Beach Centre.

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By Lynn Elmhirst on 11/09/2018 in Normandy

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