5 Top Beaches in Cuba

Let's be honest - all of Cuba's beaches are fantastic, but when you need to make a choice, it's helpful to know a little about some of the most popular beach locations. We've put together a short list of prime Cuban beaches to make your decision easier.

Playa Larga

In the area of the Zapata Peninsula lies a quiet jewel known as the Playa Larga beach. If tranquility is your goal, then make sure you head to this gorgeous beach area where you can relax in the sun and cool off in gentle ocean waves. If you like, you can even rent a beachhouse, placing Playa Larga's shoreline right outside your door.





Playas del Este

Picture a long, sandy beach, and an aquamarine occean as far as the eye can see and you have the backdrop for Playas del Este beach. Not only is it a popluar spot for locals, tourists flock to the white-sand beaches with dreams of deep-sea fishing and soaking up some rays. Playas del Este stretches over 15 kilometers and is usually teeming with people relaxing in the sun, playing water sports, and studying underwater wonders.



Varadero Beach

20 kilometers of soft sand and shallow waters drive people to this well-maintained beach area. The fact that you can also enjoy diving, beach dancing, and often catch a glimpse of the dolphins is a bonus to the natural allure that is Varadero Beach. It doesn't matter whether you're there to swim or tan - you'll agree it's a perfect sun destination.




Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is not one beach but, in fact, nine beaches stretched across 22 kilometers of white sand. You can expect to see more than just water when you visit Cayo Coco; the area is rish with vegetation and over 150 different species of bird.







Playa Anc√≥n 

Sit on warm sand, shaded by tall pines and take in the view of the ocean and mountains at this picturesque beach area. Beach umbrellas are free but you can rent sun chairs for a nominal fee and there is a convenient snack bar on site.






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By Nexion Canada on 01/28/2013 in Cuba

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