5 Things You Didnt Know About Patmos, Greece

Let the waters relax your spirit as the warm sun rays make you feel alive again! Named as "Europe's Most Idyllic Places to Live" by Forbes Magazine, living in Patmos, Greece is most definitely pure bliss. The laid back pacing of daily life will give visitors enough time to truly enjoy the beauty and magic of the island.

Are you planning to pack your bags and head to Greece? Make sure you don't miss Patmos! Here are some quick facts about Patmos, Greece:

  1. We all know the Bible and we are familiar with the Book of Revelations. Unknown to many, the Book of Revelations was actually written in Patmos, Greece. When Saint John the Divine was exiled, he was sent to Patmos, Greece, which was then a place for criminals because of its inaccessibility.
  2. The monastery is visible from all parts of the island.
  3. There are four villages in this little island: Kampos, Chora, Skala and Grikos.
  4. The island has 63 kilometers of coast, making it perfect for a beach holiday.
  5. The only thing that travelers say to avoid are the ridiculously expensive cab rides in the island. Then again, the island is so small it's hard to get lost so you don't really need to take a taxi!

Are you ready for a blissful holiday? See the charming island of Patmos in Greece and experience life in this Greek island to the fullest by immersing yourself in the local culture.

For holidays in Patmos, book with your trusted travel agent!

By Kimberley Reyes on 08/19/2015 in Kalymnos

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