10 tips for travelling with kids

Travelling with kids may not be the easiest thing to do. They get hungry after every two hours, they need diaper change every now and then, they interrupt your sleep after one or two hours...name it. But we cannot leave the little angels behind when planning a family trip, can we? Below is a low down on how to ensure a smooth trip whenever you are travelling with kids;

1. Carry lots of snacks from home

Your kids will bankrupt you if they are hungry. Make lots of snacks from home and feed them when on the plane (or is it on the road trip?).

2. Make rules for the trip

No straying away without permission, no staying past midnight, no mixing with drugs, no bullying other kids...these are some of the rules you need to come up with. Make them promise to obey the rules and have a reward for those that abide by these rules.

3. Think rental or RV

Holiday rental homes or recreational vehicles are a cheaper alternative to hotel rooms. Should you decide to stay in the hotels, stay for more than 3 nights. This way, the rates will be discounted.

4. Don't lose it when the kids err

No matter how well behaved your kids are, they will do something during the trip that will make you angry. Get annoyed alright, but don't lose it. You don't want to ruin the trip for everybody.

5. Look for something entertaining to do during the trip

Bored kids become cranky. My mom used to carry crayons and color books to keep us busy...but that was then. Today, you can have games on your smartphones. This should keep the kids busy on the plane or during the road trip.

6. Ensure family rituals and routines are observed during the trip

Do you say the Grace before meals? Do you read the kids some story before bedtime? Do you make sure they brush the teeth before bedtime? If bedtime is 8 PM at home, then it should be 8PM during the trip. In short, ensure the familiar routine is followed.

7. Have 'me' time

'Me' time may be spent with your spouse in the spa room or out on dinner. Just let the kids be sometimes. Have a babysitter over. Enjoy a luxury swim before they wake up. Enjoy your favorite wine by the fireplace after they go to bed. Read your favorite novel when they are out on the kids programs offered by your resort...

8. Your destination must be kids' friendly

You do not want to go to a destination whose adult theme runs throughout the day. You want a destination where you do need to look over your shoulder every time you smell weed or hear people talking vulgar. There are numerous resorts around the world that are family-friendly.

9. Take breaks

Have you ever wondered why universities have 3 and 4 hour lectures while elementary school has 30 minutes lessons? Kids need lots of break. They need to go to the washrooms, they need to take their snacks, and exercise their hyper active limbs. Adapt the same routine and you will have a pleasant journey.

10. Don't go too far from the civilization

If you are travelling with kids, you want to be able to rush to the hospital in case of emergency. You want somewhere you can buy medication without driving for hours.

You get the drift. Just imagine what you liked when you were a kid...update it to 21st century and you will have a pleasant trip and holiday.

By Kennedy Runo on 01/13/2015 in Anywhere

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