10 Luxurious Fine Dining Restaurants in Milan That Will Definitely Boost Your Appetite

Are your taste buds craving for scrumptious Italian cuisine? Here are 10 of the luxurious fine dining restaurants in Milan, Italy:

  1. Al Porto Milano has been serving diners in Milan since 1996
  2. Armani/Nobu makes dining even more pleasant with decorated exquisite florals on each table
  3. Bice Milan has been in the business for 70 continuous years and is still ruling the industry
  4. Dolce & Gabbana Gold exudes nothing but class and serves luxurious drinks, coffees, and cocktails
  5. Il Coriandolo offers seafood and authentic Italian dishes that will surely want you to keep coming back
  6. Ristorante Solferino is known for their internationally renowned chefs
  7. Trattoria Bagutta is a silent place yet loud when it comes to the award-winning Italian food they offer
  8. Il Prinipe dei Navigli has been reviewed by Trip Advisers as “satisfying in all aspects” and offers “delicious seafood dishes”
  9. Ristorante Parentesi is rated as 4 out of 5 by Trip Advisor with their delicious food and fantastic beer
  10. Salad Me Cafe is perfect for lunch and dinner dates

Fresh seafood usually rule in these top restaurants although they also excel in other dishes. These have been featured in famous websites and are given high ratings with “fantastic” and “ excellent” comments by most diners. So next time you visit this historic place, don’t miss out on their classic food that will surely make you wanting more.

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By Kimberley Reyes on 08/18/2015 in Milan

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