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Where's the Best Place to be on National Cake Day?

on 11/26/2018 in Austria
If it isn't on your calendar already, get out a red pen and mark November 26. That's National Cake Day, and although we don't need any excuses to enjoy the star of any birthday, wedding, or Tuesday afternoon, it got us thinking: where is the best travel destination for a day dedicated to celebrating cake?Our conclusion: Austria, with not one, but...

What's your Favorite Experience at the Juno Beach Centre?

on 11/09/2018 in Normandy
Everyone experiences travel differently, and this may be most true of historic sites. Standing on the spot where history was made is a profound experience that transcends any amount of studying, reading, watching documentaries or films. When you are actually there, the sights, sounds, perspective and your historic imagination all combine for a more meaningful understanding of moments that changed...

Visitors Share: What's it Like to Visit the Juno Beach Centre?

on 11/09/2018 in Normandy
Not every travel experience is about whooping it up. Not every essential, bucket-list destination has to be fun. Uplifting, yes. Transformational, too. The Juno Beach Centre in Normandy, where the Canadians landed on DDay in 1944, is that kind of place.Many of us who have thought of how our lives might be different if pivotal moments in world history had...

Family Visits to the Juno Beach Centre

on 11/09/2018 in Normandy
The next generation of Canadians may be the most important visitors to the Juno Beach Centre. A visit to the actual site where Canadians landed in Europe on DDay in WW2 has a profound impact on everyone who walks on that sand, explores the bunkers, and learns more in the Centre about Canada's role in ending the war in Europe....

Staff Share: What it's Like to be at the Juno Beach Centre?

on 11/09/2018 in Normandy
A visit to the Juno Beach Centre is life-changing. Walking in the footsteps of young, Canadian soldiers who landed on this stretch of beach in Normandy, France on DDay is emotional, eye-opening, and never-to-be-forgotten. Some Canadians do more than visit. They work here. Permanent staff and young Canadians greet and guide visitors at the Centre, through the restored bunkers, and...

Traveling with a Group to the Juno Beach Centre

on 11/09/2018 in Normandy
Hopefully, you've already decided that it's time to book a trip to Canada's Juno Beach Centre in Normandy, France. Now you have to decide how you're going to visit. We can help with that. You can travel independently, or visit the Centre as part of a guided tour from London or Paris, or even as part of a stunning Seine...