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Nature and Heritage at Jamaica's First UNESCO World Heritage Site

on 03/21/2017 in Portland, Jamaica
A first for Jamaica and a first for the Caribbean. In 2015, Jamaica's Blue and John Crow Mountains became the country's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also the Caribbean's first World Heritage Mixed Site for both natural and cultural riches. The emerald mountains define the eastern part of the island and cover an area of 480 km2. The UNESCO...

What is River Cruising Really Like? Day 10 - 14 & Disembarkation

on 07/28/2017 in Anywhere
Day 10 – Miltenberg A visit to the Main Village is like stepping back in time which could come straight out of a Grimm Brothers’ tale. A walking tour of the village or a hiking tour through the hills to the village was included. Our stay was short as we needed to be on board by 12:30 to make our...

What is River Cruising Really Like? Day 6 - 9

on 07/17/2017 in Anywhere
Day 6 – RegensburgA city more than 2000 years old and the whole of the Old City is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What was great about this port is that no busses where required to reach the old city.You could just walk on and off the boat at your leisure.After a wonderful guided tour (included but still optional),...

What Is River Cruising Really Like? Day 4 & 5

on 07/13/2017 in Anywhere
Changes to the schedule! That was the next couple of days held, and this is a great example on how every river cruise company is NOT the same and very important to pick the right one! Thankfully we are on Avalon Waterways. I think this is important to explain as one of the biggest complaints of passengers.The water levels in...

What is River Cruising Really Like? Day 2 & 3

on 07/09/2017 in Anywhere
Day 2 – Bratislava, SlovakiaBudapest looked beautiful as we left port and we woke up the next morning to our first lock (one of many, but this is the largest).Our port of call for the day was Bratislava – Slovakia. This cruise included a city walking tour of this historical city. Bratislava has been independent from Czechoslovakia since 1989 and...

What Is River Cruising Really Like? 15 day European Journey

on 07/06/2017 in Budapest
Have you seen commercials or ads inviting you to explore some part of the world on a river cruise and thought to yourself, what is it "really" like? Or maybe you have 1 or more big ship experiences and wondered what the differences are. Well, I'm in both of these categories so I set out to find out and along...