What is River Cruising Really Like? Day 2 & 3

Day 2 – Bratislava, Slovakia

Budapest looked beautiful as we left port and we woke up the next morning to our first lock (one of many, but this is the largest).Our port of call for the day was Bratislava – Slovakia. This cruise included a city walking tour of this historical city. Bratislava has been independent from Czechoslovakia since 1989 and listening to the history is fascinating.

Town Square

Avalon brings on local entertainment on various evenings for passengers to enjoy.Our group for this evening were the “Aphrodites” and were just excellent.What a nice way to end the evening and off to a new adventure.

Day 3 – Vienna, Austria

A city I have always wanted to visit and it lived up to my expectations! A nice guided coach and walking tour through the downtown area and then off to explore.I believe guide said there were 500 coffee shops in the area – and we think there are a lot in Canada.Of course the coffee is superb, but nothing like the apple strudel, zucher torte or croissants. Did you know that that croissants were really started in Austria, not France! Don’t tell the French that…

The port in Vienna is too far away to just walk on and off the ship. A guided tour of the city is generally one of the included options in the cruise, so once you in the city you are welcome to stay and find your own way back which is very easy. There are other tours you can take during the day but they are at an extra charge. We chose to explore the city as in the evening we booked the extra excursion at a cost to see a "Royal Waltz Concert"

The Palace

Their main "fast food"

A magnicent Royal Waltz Concert

Interesting findings and tips:

  • Dining on Avalon is all “open seating”.This means you are welcome to sit wherever you want and with whomever you like.If you want to have a nice dinner for 2 on some days then pick a table for 2, or, if you want to meet and visit with fellow passengers than find a table with seats and join the group.No worries, no one says “no”.
  • A different wine is served each day at lunch and dinner that comes for the local region and are excellent! You are welcome to bring on whatever drinks you like, however, they ask you to consume this in the privacy of your room.
  • If you have a balcony or window room you may be surprised and disappointed as generally in port you will have a ship right next to you so you cannot leave your curtains open unless you want people in neighboring ship to see what you are up to. ( I can't stress this enough as this is very different than big ship cruising)
By Anita Jobs on 07/09/2017 in Anywhere

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